Mary S. "Susie" Labry


Speaking Part

  1. 2022 untitled Rebel Moon, Hospital Patient with Oxygen Tank, 9th Ward New Orleans, LA
  2. 2022 Pilot Save Them All, Police Dispatcher Carrie Simon, Lafayette, LA
  3. 2020 Her Revolution, Maid Elizabeth, Kaylyn Broussard, Broussard, LA
  4. 2020 Cancer Alley, Vice President of Chemical Company,, Veleka Gray
  5. 2019 Sister Tempest, Man on Street Interviewee, Choir Ensemble Member, Joe Badon
  6. 2019 The Charmed Life of Fig Dauphine, Homeless Dancer, Gretchen Zufall, New Orleans, LA
  7. 2019 The Talk-Football, Mother in Law, Chuck Bush, FameDC, Baton Rouge, LA
  8. 2019 All I Want for Christmas Margaret, School Principal's Receptionist, Jamie Thompson, International Center, Lafayette, LA
  9. 2018 Men Too, Modeling Director, Chuck Bush and Kay Landon, Baton Rouge
  10. 2016 The Late, Late News: 2nd Episode Season 2: "Meet Bret Baylor" Landlord, Jamie Freeman and Chris Hadley, Baton Rouge, LA
  11. 2015 With My Soul, Mother Superior Nun Jency Hogan, St. Francisville, LA
  12. 2015 An Angel's Whisper, Defense Lawyer Karen Murray, Brandon Lofton, Grand Isle, LA
  13. 2013 History Channel Episode 2 Cryptid: The Swamp Beast-Southern Howl, Crazy Shelly, Muddy Waters Productions, History Channel, Ponchatoula, LA
  14. 2013 Hogwash, Eccentric Genius-Phoebe, Zach Godshall, Lafayette, LA
  15. 2013 Forever Waves, Church Lady, Jeff Roedel
  16. 2013 Life's A Bowl of Cherries, Spelling Bee Audience, Eric Orlando Street
  17. 2013 Cheekie pilot, School Principal, Clarence Cheekie Nero, Willie Burton
  18. 2013 Edwin Edwards The Governor's Wife Reality Show, Auction Bidder, Edwin Edwards, Trina Scott Edwards
  19. 2012 Storage Wars, Shopper at Garage Sale, Rebecca Fox, A&E TV
  20. 2012 Play Trekker, Musician/Singer, Lafayette, LA, Crystal Place
  21. 2011 The Jazz Funeral (One of Us Must Know), Cafe du Monde Patron, Jesse Rosen, Kim Rouse Barnard
  22. 2011 Days of Our Youth Dean Kennedy, Gwendolyn Jackson
  23. 2011 The Wedding Chapel Project TV Reality Show-Swamp Wedding-Episode 5 Hillbillie Bride, Southern Love Productions, WE TV
  24. 2010 Seven Seals, NWO Prisoner of War, Katherine Stephens, Christopher Robbins, Kentwood, LA
  25. 2010 Terror Trap-Bed and Breakfast, Funeral Mourner as Self, Dan Garcia and Wayne Morgan, Donaldsonville, LA
  26. 2009 1959, Theater Box Office, Murray Roth & Wayne Morgan, Upperline Entertainment, Covington, LA
  27. 2009 Extraordinary, Weena Mercatur, Kriss Hoffman, New Orleans, LA
  28. 2009 Flood Streets, Customer in Coffeeshop, Joseph Meisner, Helen Kreiger, New Orleans, LA
  29. 2009 Watermark, Mrs. Sinter, Tommy Dortsch, Columbia, LA
  30. 2008 Hood Life, Federal IRS Agent, Wayne Morgan
  31. 2008 On Time, Mellisa, Stan Chauvin, Alex Asefa, New Orleans, LA
  32. 2008 Sean Ramagos Talk Show Dying Wife, Sean Ramagos, Baton Rouge LA
  33. 2008 Black Ghost, President of the United States, Will Warner, New Orleans, LA
  34. 2007 Dead Retribution (In Purgatory), Susie Fletcher, NOLA World Entertainment
  35. 2007 Foster Care, City Court Judge, OmniArtiste, Bryan Taylor, Lafayette, LA
  36. 2007 Telephone Book The Movie: The Real Jigga Pages, Mean IRS Tax Collector, ScotLAwood Motion Pictures
  37. 2007 Hearts of Men, Insane Swamp Girl-Sara, Alan Wooley-WEPC, Baton Rouge, LA
  38. 2006 Here on the Bayou: Pulling It Off, Federal Agent, Alan Wooley, Baton Rouge, LA
  39. 2006 The Rimshop, Conservative White Girl, HK Pictures, Baton Rouge, LA
  40. 2005 Shaman's Mark, State Park Manager-Ms. Newfield, Odin Lindblom and W.H. "Hawk" Bourne, Poverty Point State Park, Epps, LA
  41. 2004 Separate Identity, Ms. Mickie Turk (from Minneapolis, MN), Candidate for Governor of LA, State Capitol, Baton Rouge, LA
  42. 1994 Zombie vs. Mardi Gras/3 Men & Monster, Mardi Gras Goer, Carnavale Productions
  43. 1994 Mark Essex Story, Howard Johnson Hotel Guest, Shot in front of City Hall, Umoja Productions


  1. 2017 His Wonderful Presence.Then and Now, Widow of Nain, Producer, Director, WWriter MaryAnn Gaudry Sadler
  2. 2010 His Wonderful Presence Then and Now, Peter's Mother in Law, Producer, Director, Writer: MaryAnn Gaudry Sadler
  3. 2008 Name of the Rain, Katrina Evacuees-Delores, Ms. Florence, Presbytary South Project Homecoming
  4. 2008 Scott Thomas Louisiana Film Center, Old Wife, Louisiana Film Center
  5. Love Will Be Our Home, Word Music Janet, First Baptist Church, Baton Rouge



  1. 2022 48 Hour Project Bird Houses, Susie Schneider Old Man's Wife Fence Post Productions, Glenda David and AJ Lietell, Director, Belle Chasse, LA
  2. 2019 48 Hours Project Rich Life, Homeless with Garbage Can, Fence Post Productions, Bob Bennett and Glinda David, Director David Jarreau, New Roads, LA
  3. 2019 Football-Talk, Mother in Law, FAMEDC, Chuck Bush and Kay Landon, Baton Rouge, LAd
  4. 2018 48 Hour Project 2018 "Order in the Court" Prosecuting Attorney/State Senator, Fencepost Productions Bob Bennet and Glinda David, East Feliciana Courthouse, St. Francisville, LA
  5. 2017 48 Hour Project 2017 "What Happened to Aunt Susie" Aunt Susie Collier, by Fence Post Productions Bob Bennett and Glinda David, St. Francisville, LA
  6. 2017 Trials, Adult Speech Student, River Parishes Community College, Gonzales, LA, Shamica Anderson
  7. 2017 Home Remedy, Waitress Lydia, Central, LA
  8. 2016 Understood, Lead as Susie, Patient with Autism/Aspergers, Filmed for 2016 Disability Film Challenge, Brian Hertzock-Hertzock Productions, LLC, and Kay Landon/Sherry Verdel, Baton Rouge, LA
  9. 2015 NOVAC-RPCC-LCTCS Medical Instruction Video, Patient with Memory Loss, NOVAC-Jillian Hall, Gonzales, LA
  10. 2015 48 Hour Project 2015 Emeritus, Susie Guidry-Wife, Andrea Davis, Charles Davis, and Montana Huckabay-Cypress Entertainment Group, New Orleans
  11. 2014 Pilot: Amazing Grace,Grandmother with Grandson, Lisa Arnold, Santa Maria Chaplet, Baton Rouge.
  12. 2014 LFAT Louisiana Independent Film Spring 2014 Spring Contest -Despotes, Wife, Martin Hovsepian and Me, at my House in Pontchatoula.
  13. 2013 48 Hour Project 2013 Another Fine Mess for Schlecht, Annoying Neighbor Ms. Kravitz, David Zalkind-Studio DMZ
  14. 2013 48 Hour Project 2013 There Was A Bird, Crime Boss, Danny Schiller and Don Grimble-Robot Alchemy
  15. 2013 My Choice is Clear-A Cross to Bear, Ms. Anderson, School Principal, David and Lauri Mills, Baton Rouge
  16. 2012 Disoriented, Limousine Driver, David and Lauri Mills, Baton Rouge, LA
  17. 2012 TimeCode:Nola Where y'at, Hello: Street Corners: Spruce and Dante, Susie the Neighbor, Spruce and Dante Streets, New Orleans, LA, David Zalkind
  18. 2012 48 Hour Project 2012-Done by Christmas, Headshot Picture, Swider Brothers Production
  19. 2011 48 Hour Project 2011-Dirty Cinnamon, Bar Drunk, Michelle Kowalski, Killer Kowalski
  20. 2011 48 Hour Project 2011-Walking on Thin Icing, Judge, Adam Wade, Deanna Charrett, and Brittany Van Dyke
  21. 2011 48 Hour Project 2011-Unkle Daddy Hydra Virus, Tammi Bison-Mental Case, Don Grimble, Alchemy
  22. 2011 New Orleans Darkness, Private Investigator's Secretary, Rory White and Randell Nall, Thibodaux, LA
  23. 2010 48 Hour Project 2010-New Orleans, Northshore Cougers, Couger, Russell Blanchard
  24. 2010 The Diner, Maybelle-Diner Customer, Richard and Trudy Landry
  25. 2009 NaDya Goes to School, School Principal, Bobby and Tia Trufant
  26. 2008 Zombie Run, Haunted Productions-Haunted Productions-Rick & Trudy Landry, Tickfaw State Park, Springfield, LA
  27. 2008 48 Hour Project 2008-Black Ghost Singer, Will Warner
  28. 2007 48 Hour Project 2007-Tia Time, New Orleans, Tia LeBlanc, the Tailor, Kara Wayman
  29. 2007 48 Hour Project 2007-Everyone, New Orleans, Preacher, Lenny Bollingham
  30. 2006 Ghosts on Tape-Short, Interviewee, Investigative Reporter Richard Valenti, Brett Bernard, Alan Wooley, Baton Rouge, LA

Student Films

  1. 2014 Blood Relatives, Aunt Sally Thomas, Veleka Gray-The Actors Alliance
  2. 2013 Aliens on A Savage Planet, Homeless, Shena Mullins-University of New Orleans
  3. 2012 Cockroaches, Martha Samuelson, Eric Gremillion-University of New Orleans
  4. 2011 For Better For Worse, Catholic Nun, Veleka Gray, The Actors Alliance, Covington, LA and Patrick Marrero
  5. 2009 Veleka Gray Acting Class, Reunion: Eraced, Nel Haggard Hogg, Veleka Gray-The Actors Alliance
  6. 2009 Live, Love & Laugh, Public Service Announcement Documentary, Spokesman, Tyrone Henry, University of New Orleans Film School
  7. 2008 Mae Chapman's Macy Jay Acting Class, Teachers, Mae Chapman
  8. 2006 Glass Chord (Student Short), Waitress at Joe's Dreyfous Restaurant, Marquetta Cheeks & Linda Thurman-Emerald Bayou Studios/Jumonville LA Tech College-Jumonville Film Production Class Class Project,, New Roads, LA
  9. 2006 Gifted and Forgotten, Scott Thomas, Mental Patient: "Gov. Jimmie Davis" Louisiana Film Center, Baton Rouge, LA
  10. 2004 The Hunt for Outer Space" (Student Short) Job Seeker Henderson Jones UNO Masters Thesis, Flagship Pictures, New Orleans, LA


  1. 1995 Dead Man Walking, Sister Helen Prejean, Tim Robbins Productions, Angola Prison, LA


  1. 2011 Switch-Thunderstruck, Standin for Jenny Yang, Warner Brothers, Baton Rouge, LA
  2. 2007 Loss of Teardrop Diamond, Mental Patient and Nurse, ELSH, Jackson, LA
  3. 2001 Going to California "Home Games" - Cody Newton (Michael Laughlin), Destrehan, LA
  4. 1995 Dead Man Walking-Sister Colleen (Margo), Angola Prison, LA

Voice Over

  1. 2008 Chuck Bush, Compilation Demo Reel, New Orleans Saints Ad, Chuck Bush
  2. 2006 Unnamed Trailer, Scott Thomas, Reporter en Collage, Louisiana Film Center
  3. 2003 Quo Vidas, Voice over the Extras, Charles Bush, Burning Bush Productions, Baton Rouge, LA


Performer - Singer in Church Choir
  1. 2008 I Love You Phillip Morris, Yellodog Trinity Episcopal Choir and Ensemble Quartet-Albinas, Trinity Episcopal Church New Orleans to "I Love You Phillip Morris" Alto "I Will Arise" by Bill Gaither, Sang Audio Wednesday May 7 and seen in movie Friday May 9, 2008.
Print Extra/Background
  1. 2010 Elsa and Fred, Dead Wife Pictures, Washington Apts., New Orleans, LA

Regular Background Extra
  1. 2022 Iron Claw, Wrestling Fan, Baton Rouge, LA
  2. 2022 We Must Save Our Schools, Protestor, Bianca Siplin, Mae Chapman, Deanna Charret, First Line Live Oak Charter School, New Orleans LA
  3. 2020 Lost & Found, David Jarreau
  4. 2019 Paradise Lost, Heaven or Hell, Government, Choir Member at Clinton Episcopal Church, Clinton, LA
  5. 2019 Doctor Trailer, Medical Personnel, Frank Schroeder, Chuck Bush, Good Doctor Films, Donaldsonville, LA
  6. 2019 Daisy and Smiling Jack, Tourist at Ann Connelly Fine Art Gallery, Jency and Aaron Hogan, Baton Rouge, LA
  7. 2018 Avalanche, Bible Study, Amite LA
  8. 2018 Tell Me Your Secrets, Jazz Museum, New Orleans, LA
  9. 2018 Hometown Christmas, Barn Rouge, Lafayette, LA
  10. 2018 1973 Roe V. Wade, Abortion Clinic Receptionist, Catherine Allyn and Nick Loeb, Jackson, LA
  11. 2018 The Art of the Chase, Rachel Karushin and Gisele Haralson, Zachary and Baton Rouge, LA
  12. 2018 Christmas Contract, Acadiana Village, Active Entertainment, Lafayette, LA
  13. 2018 Christmas Cupid's Arrow, Teacher, Lafayette Community College and Carpe Diem Cafe, Jamie Lee, Lafayette, LA
  14. 2018 Faux Pas-Happy Death Day 2, Xavier University Gymn Basketball, New Orleans
  15. 2018 Bedtime Stories, Audience New Orleans, LA, Regula Park, Reserve, LA
  16. 2018 Semper Fi, Family Welcoming Soldiers Home, Federal City, Algiers, LA
  17. 2018 Green Book, Caf� Scene, Wms. Blvd., Kenner, LA
  18. 2017 The First - Hooloo TV Series, US Senate Gallery Audience, Custom House, New Orleans
  19. 2017 Dixie Mafia, Donor Political Reception, Biloxi, MS
  20. 2017 Last Laugh, Orpheum Theater, New Orleans
  21. 2017 Headless Swan, Student Film, Church Congregation Singer, Hemingbough, St Francisville; Diner, Red Boot Cafe, Clinton, LA; Jordan Klaja
  22. 2017 Devil's Hitching Post, Townfolk Jonah Monet, Jackson, LA
  23. 2017 God in My Ear, Diner, Movie Sets, Slidell, LA, Joe Badon
  24. 2017 Breasts, Office Worker, St. Louis Clinic Hospital Conference Room, Kenner, LA, Eva Conti
  25. 2017 Queen Sugar, Oprah Winfrey Studios, Kenner, LA
  26. 2017 Claws, Chateau Country Club, Kenner, LA
  27. 2017 One Nation Under God, Campaign Headquarters, Celtic Media Centre-Oak Tree Building, Baton Rouge, LA
  28. 2017 Klaus-Preacher, New Orleans, LA
  29. 2017 Starbright, St. Francisville, LA
  30. 2017 Blaze, St. Francisville, LA
  31. 2016 Created Equal, Court Galley, Chalmette Courthouse
  32. 2016 Wolverine-Jaurez, Harrahs Casino, New Orleans, LA
  33. 2016 Mudbound, National American Bank play as Airport, New Orleans, LA
  34. 2016 Beautifully Broken, July 4th Fireworks; Fancy Diner, Lisa Arnold, Baton Rouge, LA
  35. 2016 Cut Off, Carol Bidault, Party on Harmony Street, New Orleans, LA
  36. 2015 Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, I-HOP Re, Chalmette, LA Restaurant, East, New Orleans, LA; Halloween Parade scene
  37. 2015 LBJ, Spectator of JFK PreAssasin Motorcade, New Orleans
  38. 2015 Scream Queens, Black Friday Shopping Episode, Jefferson Parish
  39. 2015 Dirt Road to Lafayette, At Bus Station on Phone, Marcos Brown, Lafayette, LA
  40. 2015 Invisible Sister, Scientists at Lecture, Chalmette High School, Chalmette, LA
  41. 2015 Showing Roots, Plaquemine, LA
  42. 2015 Daddy's Home, Smoothie King Sports Arena, New Orleans, LA
  43. 2015 NCIS-Episode 15, Mardi Gras Scene, New Orleans, LA; 2015 NCIS-Bomb Scare at Royal Orleans.
  44. 2014 I Saw the Light, Grand Ole Opry scene, Municipal Auditorium, Shreveport, LA
  45. 2014 Nothing But the Whole Truth, Juror 5, St. Bernard, LA
  46. 2014 Sticky Notes from Heaven, at Funeral, Covington, LA
  47. 2014 Don't Mess with Texas, Shootout at Casino and Bus scene, New Orleans Fairgrounds
  48. 2014 Pitch Perfect 2, GA Blind Convention, Audience JFK Center in DC, LSU Union and River Center, Baton Rouge, LA
  49. 2014 Henry Street - Fantastic 4, Earl K. Long Hospital, Baton Rouge, LA
  50. 2014 Best of Me, Outside front of Feedstore, Covington, LA
  51. 2014 Pilot: Courage of Faith, Albert Eady, Park and Biblestudy, Abbeville, LA
  52. 2014 Pilot: Salvation, Potters House in Dallas
  53. 2014 Mississippi Grinds, Crapper, L'Auberge Casino, Baton Rouge, LA
  54. 2014 Zipper, Baton Rouge City Court, 19th JDC, & Old Governors Mansion, Baton Rouge, LA
  55. 2014 Bad Asses 3, NOLA Hornets Plane VIP, Baton Rouge Airport
  56. 2013 Amontillado, Church, John Swider-Swider Brothers Productions, New Orleans, LA
  57. 2013 22 Jump Street, City Park Tad Gormley Stadium, New Orleans, LA
  58. 2013 There's A New World Somewhere, New Road Films, Pontchatoula, LA
  59. 2013 Focus, New Orleans, LA
  60. 2013 Left Behind, Mall of Louisiana, Baton Rouge, LA
  61. 2013 Black & White, lst NBC, New Orleans, LA
  62. 2013 Status: Unknown (Facebook Detectives), Riverfront, Baton Rouge, LA
  63. 2013 Student Bodies, Shopper, Baton Rouge, LA
  64. 2013 American Horror Stories, Snake Church Scene, New Orleans
  65. 2013 Papa Noel, St. Martinville, LA
  66. 2013 The Game That Stands Tall, Jefferson Parish and Chalmette
  67. 2013 The Town That Dreaded Sundown, Shreveport, LA
  68. 2013 Grudge Match, New Orleans
  69. 2013 Vampire Diaries, Jackson Square, New Orleans, LA
  70. 2013 Reckless, New Orleans Moisant Airport, Kenner, LA
  71. 2013 Untitled Cop, car, HBO, New Orleans, LA
  72. 2013 Grudgematch, UNO Arena, New Orleans, LA
  73. 2013 Suitup 2, Hammond, LA
  74. 2013 Finding Normal, Dancer, Pureflix, Columbia, LA
  75. 2012 Else and Fred Dead Wife in Still, Jefferson Parish, LA
  76. 2012 Dallas Buyer's Club, New Orleans, LA
  77. 2012 God's Not Dead, Dawn B. Johnson and Debra Gaudin, Baton Rouge, LA
  78. 2012 Old Boy, Social Worker, New Orleans, LA
  79. 2012 Homefront, Pontchatoula, LA
  80. 2012 The Butler, White House-Blair House Staff, Metairie, LA
  81. 2012 Empire State, Secretary Mary, Gretna, LA
  82. 2012 Red Bean, Student Film, UNO Thesis, Craig Carter, New Orleans, LA
  83. 2012 Nothing to Fear, Church Fair Scene, Covington, LA
  84. 2012 Beautiful Creatures, Christ Episcopal Church, Covington, LA
  85. 2012 Barefoot, Palmetto Restaurant and Truckstop, St. Rose, LA
  86. 2012 Now You See Me, New Orleans
  87. 2012 Hotflashes, New Orleans
  88. 2012 Redbeans, Diner, Craig Carter-University of New Orleans
  89. 2012 Broken City, Liberal Political Debate Audience, Tulane University, New Orleans, LA
  90. 2011 Dog Fight-The Campaign, New Orleans, Mandeville, LA
  91. 2011 Pitch Perfect, Baton Rouge, LA
  92. 2011 Breakout Kings, Greenwell Springs, LA
  93. 2011 The Jazz Funeral (One of Us Must Know), Cafe and Hotel Patron Kim Rouse Barnard
  94. 2011 Switch-Thunderstruck, Parkview Baptist Church, Baton Rouge Water Park, Baton Rouge, LA
  95. 2011 Wildcard, Harrah's Casino, New Orleans, LA
  96. 2011 Paperboy, Ms. Susie, Amite, LA
  97. 2011 Parker, Covington Fairgrounds, Covington, LA
  98. 2011 On the 7th Day, TD Jakes, Xavier University, LA
  99. 2011 New Hope, Neville High School, Monroe, LA
  100. 2011 Fire With Fire, Exchange Building, New Orleans, LA
  101. 2011 Donnie's House, Frenchmen Street, New Orleans, LA
  102. 2011 The Daisy Chain, Lafayette, LA
  103. 2011 21 Jump Street, New Orleans, LA
  104. 2011 Woodshed, student Film, Sect Member, Laura Plantation, Vacherie, LA, KD Amond, UNO
  105. 2011 Playing for Keeps (Playing the Fields), Ford Park, Shreveport, LA
  106. 2011 Alien Tornado, Bullet Films/Action, Lafayette, LA
  107. 2011 Cogan's Trade-Killing Them Softly, New Orleans, LA
  108. 2011 Medallion-Stolen, Sunday March 6th Parades on Canal Street, New Orleans, LA
  109. 2011 Columbiana, McDonough High School on Esplanade, New Orleans, LA
  110. 2011 Nashville Hound Dogs Pilot, Zephyr Stadium Metairie, LA
  111. 2011 So Undercover, St. Joseph Church, New Orleans, LA
  112. 2010 Miami Magma, (oil) Bullet Films, Lafayette, LA
  113. 2010 Power of Few, New Orleans, LA
  114. 2010 The Lucky One, Abita Springs, LA
  115. 2010 Divine Awakening, Angola Prison, LA
  116. 2010 Killer Joe, Gretna and Terrytown, LA
  117. 2010 WWE Bending the Rules (Chasing the Hawk), New Orleans, LA
  118. 2010 Green Lantern-Heaven, Downtown New Orleans, LA
  119. 2010 Mighty Fine, Sophie B. Wright School Auditorium, New Orleans, LA
  120. 2010 Swamp Shark, Pats Seafood, Henderson, LA
  121. 2010 WWE Chaperone, Delgado Museum City Park, New Orleans, LA
  122. 2010 Butter, Shreveport, LA
  123. 2010 Jeff Who Lives at Home, Manchac and New Orleans, LA
  124. 2010 The Fields, Amite City, LA
  125. 2010 Exile, Prytania Bar Scene, Will Warner, New Orleans, LA
  126. 2010 Love Wedding and Marriage, Houmas House, Burnside, LA
  127. 2010 Treme - Episodes: #9 Wish Someone Would Care, #10 I'll Fly Away; Series 2, Episodes 1, 2, ...
  128. 2010 Earthbound-A Little Bit of Heaven, Gala at Gallier Hall, LA
  129. 2010 Lord Byron, Zach Godshall, Lafayette, LA
  130. 2010 Seeking Justice(Hungry Rabbit Jumps), Police Station Tulane Avenue New Orleans, LA
  131. 2010 WWE NOLA Legendary-Brothers Keeper-Legendary, New Orleans, LA
  132. 2009 Hillbilly Bandits, Jason Brown, Mark Wascom, Denham Springs, LA
  133. 2009 The Terror Experiment-Fight or Flight, Freefall Films, Lafayette, LA
  134. 2009 Delta Blues-Memphis Beat, New Orleans, LA
  135. 2009 Mechanic, New Orleans, LA
  136. 2009 Business of Falling in Love, New Orleans, LA
  137. 2009 WWE Knucklehead, New Orleans, LA
  138. 2009 Battle Los Angeles, Baton Rouge, LA
  139. 2009 Flood Streets, Joseph Meisner, New Orleans
  140. 2009 Secretariat, Carencro, LA
  141. 2009 Monster Wolf, Crowley, LA
  142. 2009 Dude Man Bro, James Hebert, A Cult of One Productions, New Orleans, LA
  143. 2009 Mothman, Denham Springs, LA
  144. 2009 Rivka, Sibley, LA
  145. 2009 Straw Dogs, Panther Stadium, Bossier, LA
  146. 2009 Father of Invention, Roundtable, New Orleans, LA
  147. 2009 Jar People, Swamp Boat Tourist Slidell, LA
  148. 2009 Cotton, East Jefferson Parish Hospital, LA
  149. 2009 Inventing Adam, St. Francisville, LA
  150. 2009 Terror Trap-Bed & Breakfast, Donaldsonville, LA, Dan Garcia
  151. 2009 Clunkers, Baton Rouge, LA, Dan Garcia
  152. 2009 Chameleon, Baton Rouge, LA
  153. 2009 Out of True, Student Film, Wedding Guest, Andrew Bryan, UNO, New Orleans.
  154. 2008 Sinners and Saints, St. Roch Cemetary Mourner, New Orleans, LA
  155. 2008 Return to Prometheus-Journey to Promethea, Hammond, LA Danny Garcia, Hammond, LA
  156. 2008 Burning Palms, Mental Patient Films in Motion, Baton Rouge, LA,
  157. 2008 My Own Love Song, New Orleans Masonic Temple
  158. 2008 Midnight Bayou, New Oleans, LA
  159. 2008 Tribute, New Orleans, LA
  160. 2008 Welcome to Rileys, New Orleans, LA
  161. 2008 Bad Lieutenant, New Orleans, LA
  162. 2008 Enemies Among Us (Attack on the Governor) Trailer, Baton Rouge, LA
  163. 2008 In Front of the Class, Shreveport Masonic Temple, LA
  164. 2008 I Ran Against Us, New Orleans, LA
  165. 2008 48 Hour Project-2008/Black Ghost, Black Ghost, Will Warner, Montpelier and Albany, LA
  166. 2008 Living Proof, New Orleans, LA
  167. 2008 Mardi Gras, New Orleans, LA
  168. 2008 Hurricane Season-Patriots, Ehret High School, Algiers, New Orleans, LA
  169. 2008 Mike Epps Show, Baton Rouge, LA
  170. 2008 12 Rounds, Canal Street Trolly, New Orleans
  171. 2008 Librarian III, Old State Capitol, Baton Rouge, LA
  172. 2008 Final Destination 4, New Orleans Center, Destrehan Country Club
  173. 2008 Sunday, Sunday, Sunday, Lacombe, LA
  174. 2008 Fab 5, Alario Center, Jefferson Parish, LA
  175. 2008 Open Road, Rivercenter, Baton Rouge, LA, New Orleans Airport
  176. 2008 Soul Man, The Strand, Shreveport, LA
  177. 2008 Year One, Minden, LA
  178. 2008 Longshots, Comeback, Minden, LA
  179. 2008 The Miracle of St. Anna, Donaldsonville, LA
  180. 2007 Queen Sized, Byrd High School, Shreveport, LA
  181. 2007 Springbreak 1983, Hammond and Maurepas, LA
  182. 2007 Welome to Academia, New Orleans, LA
  183. 2007 Middle of Nowhere, Baton Rouge, Nicole
  184. 2007 Loss of Teardrop Diamond, Nottaway Plantation, White Castle, LA
  185. 2007 Kville, New Orleans, LA
  186. 2007 Racing for Time, New Orleans, LA
  187. 2007 Jump Out, Boys, Regency Hospital, Covington, LA
  188. 2007 Mama, I Want to Sing, Lamp, Baton Rouge, LA
  189. 2007 In the Electric Mist
  190. 2007 The Pardon, Shreveport, LA
  191. 2007 American Summer-Pool Boys, New Orleans/Metairie, LA
  192. 2007 Mad Money, Shreveport, LA
  193. 2007 State-This One's For You, Louisiana Film Center, Baton Rouge, LA
  194. 2007 K'Ville, Metairie, LA
  195. 2007 The Mist, Shreveport, LA
  196. 2007 College, New Orleans, LA
  197. 2007 Consequences-Girl Positive, New Orleans, LA
  198. 2007 A Good Man is Hard to Find, Jason Hewitt, Baton Rouge, LA
  199. 2006 Staircase, Courtroom, New Orleans, LA
  200. 2006 The Oldest Story Ever Told, Drew Burns, Joshua, UNO Student Film, New Orleans
  201. 2006 The Judge (Short), Clinton, LA
  202. 2006 Blonde Ambition, Shreveport & Minden, LA
  203. 2006 Homeland Security, Shreveport, LA
  204. 2006 Benjamin Buttons, New Orleans, LA
  205. 2006 Race to Glory, Jason Hewitt, Baton Rouge, LA
  206. 2006 Father of Lies, Jason Hewitt, Baton Rouge, LA
  207. 2006 Dreamboy, Lewis Herthum, Baton Rouge/St. Francisville, LA
  208. 2006 A Perfect Day, New Orleans, LA
  209. 2006 The Year Without Santa, Natchitoches, LA
  210. 2006 Lo and Behold, Blindwall Pictures, LLC, New Orleans, LA
  211. 2006 Fantasia-Life is Only a Fairytale, New Orleans, LA
  212. 2006 Pride-PDR (Philadelphia Recreation Dept.), Metairie and Baton Rouge, LA
  213. 2006 Deal, Al Salzer, Crescent City Pictures, New Orleans, LA
  214. 2006 Ruffian, Bossier City, LA
  215. 2006 Remember My Isis, Kerry Jenkins, Baton Rouge, LA
  216. 2006 Seizure, Will Hesse, New Orleans, LA
  217. 2006 The Riches-Lowlife, Belle Chasse, LA
  218. 2006 Unnamed Trailer, Scott Thomas, Mayor Assistant, Louisiana Film Center
  219. 2006 New Orleans Stories Documentary-My Daddy's Larry Labry, Jr. Internment, Stephen Rue, New Orleans, LA
  220. 2006 Friday Night Lights, Austin, TX
  221. 2006 DeJaVu, New Orleans, LA
  222. 2006 Factory Girl, Shreveport, LA
  223. 2005 Thief, Shreveport, LA
  224. 2005 Roadhouse II, Bossier City, LA
  225. 2005 The Reaping, St. Francisville, LA
  226. 2005 Lubu, New Orleans, LA (With Mayor Nagin at Gallier Hall)
  227. 2005 Last Time, New Orleans, LA
  228. 2005 Failure to Launch, Zephyr Stadium, Metairie, LA
  229. 2005 Big Mama's House, New Orleans
  230. 2005 Sweet Melody, Student Short Film, University of New Orleans
  231. 2005 All the Kings Men, Baton Rouge and Vacherie, LA
  232. 2005 Lady Luck, New Orleans, LA
  233. 2005 Crescent City, New Orleans, LA
  234. 2005 Alan Nu Magic Show, Discovery TV
  235. 2005 Flakes
  236. 2005 Dukes of Hazzard, State Capitol Dragway, Erwinville, LA
  237. 2005 Elvis, Hammond, LA, Municipal Auditorium, New Orleans, LA
  238. 2005 Pizza Wars, St. Joseph's Church, Gretna, LA
  239. 2004 Cajun Fried Rice, Mosquito Exterminator, Jennifer Miller, New Orleans, LA
  240. 2004 Odd Girls Out, Graduation Benjamin Franklin High School Auditorium, New Orleans, LA
  241. 2004 Last Holiday, Dillards, New Orleans, LA
  242. 2004 Dreamer, Racetrack, New Orleans and Racetrack, Lafayette, LA
  243. 2004 Backwater-Venom, Lee's Diner, Hammond, LA
  244. 2004 Canal Street Brothel-Madam's Family, New Orleans, LA
  245. 2004 Glory Road, Disney-Jerry Bruckheimer, New Orleans, Hammond, Chalmette, and BR, LA
  246. 2004 Walk the Line-Johnny Cash, Covington, TN, Memphis, TN, and Tunica, MS
  247. 2004 Search for David's Heart, Airline Motors Restaurant, LaPlace, LA
  248. 2004 The Brooke Ellison Story, Before Graduation, Tulane University Quad, New Orleans, LA
  249. 2004 The Dead Will Tell, New Orleans, LA
  250. 2004 Flood of Fear-Heart of the Storm, Al Salzer-Crescent City Pictures, Covington, LA
  251. 2004 Pop Rocks, Leows' State Palace Theater, New Orleans, LA
  252. 2004 Torn Apart, New Orleans Adolescent Hospital, Al Salzer, New Orleans, LA
  253. 2004 Skeleton Key, Algiers, New Orleans, LA
  254. 2004 Lynn Breaux - Bronco, French Documentary of Lynn Breaux, Real, Lafayette, LA
  255. 2004 Royal Sports-The Magician King, Max Cusimano, Lafayette, LA
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