P.O. Box 44324 Capitol
Baton Rouge, LA 70804-4324


August 2020-March 2021
Louisiana Film Channel, Dr. Lucas Fry
Content Acquisition Manager

October-November, 2007
Springbreak 83 Film
Set Production Assistant-Casting Assistant
Mae Chapman - Telephone 337-315-1599

Loss of Teardrop Diamond Movie
Office Casting Assistant
Marti Cherrix - Telephone 828-230-6692

November, 2005
Production Assistant
Grambling University Band Documentary ProjectTranscriptionist

June, 2005
Actress/Production Assistant
Shaman's Mark-Liondance Productions-Odin Lindblaum & W.H. "Hawk" Bourne, Poverty Point, South Toledo Bend, and Chicot State Park, LA Governmental and Press Relations; Help Cast, Take Applications, Receptionist; Help prepare meals and clean in kitchen, Kraft Service; Help solve location problems with redtape, etc.

Casting Assistant
All The Kings Men Film Casting-Marty Cherrix
Metairie, LA
Cast and recruited movie extras, telephone, file, copy, errands; Promote casting calls, assist at casting calls.

Calandros Supermarket, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Cashier, 10 Key, Bag

Louisiana Sunshine Typing Service
Type books, legal briefs, dissertations, termpapers, newspapers, brochures, articles, resumes, job applications, specifications, accounting forms, tables, and charts, spreadsheets, traffic reports, ads, programs, letters, etc.; Scan; Fax; Mass mailouts.

Wordprocessor, Typist, Data Entry Operator,

YES-Your Extraorindary Secretary, Baton Rouge, Louisiana Duties: Type books, legal briefs, dissertations, termpapers, newspapers, brochures, articles, resumes, job applications, specifications, accounting forms, tables and charts, spreadsheets, traffic reports, ads, programs, and letters. Fax out, received and convert fax to print from computer.

Word Processor, Typist, Data Entry Operator, Transcriber
Advantage Personnel, Western Temporaries, Manpower


Wordprocess, transcribe, and data entry for various and clients in town. Use MicroSoft Word for Windows, WordPerfect, some Lotus 123 and Excel.

Secretary John B. Williams, Attorney, Baton Rouge, Louisiana Duties: Answer phones, type, errands, file suits at courthouse.

Political Fundraiser
Christopher D. Matchett, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Fundraising, maintaining political databases.

Political Fundraiser
Mike Foster for Governor, Baton Rouge, LA
Fundraising, maintaining political databases.

Melinda Schwegmann for Governor, Baton Rouge, LA
Fundraising assistant, wordprocessor; data entry; field volunteer recruiter/coordinator, secretary, receptionist; mass mailouts; 500 personal postcards; personal phone canvassing; hostess; fieldwork; parade.

Office Manager, Secretary, Marketing Representative
Fonville, Inc., Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Duties: Librarian. Compiled and maintained a file and index of well over 2,000 negatives in the studio, gallery, and VIP Room. Used DataBase III to build the index. Recommended and sold Fonville pictures to the public. Framed and unframed pictures. Used WordPerfect 5.1, MicroSoft Word, AmniPro, and Coral Draw on the computer typing index, lists, letters, cookbook, and menus. With Quicken help receive and pay the bills. Fax out, received and convert fax files to print from computer. Assisted as marketing representative in opening up a new eating restaurant with the coffee shop. Hosted and entertained. Help the family run the business in whatever capacity that needed to be done. Political/historical consultant.

Summer, 1993
Louisiana Political/Historical Researcher
Cyril Vetter, Writer
Duties: Research biographies and social, historical, and political backgrounds on various Louisiana politicians, movie stars, and people for a book to be published about Fonville Winans photography. Maintained files on Fonville negatives, retrieving them and returning them to the files.

Data Entry Transcriber
Federal US Census, Baton Rouge, Louisiana Duties: Input numerical data for personnel and payroll forms, employment applications, and census questionnaires. Input, cleared, checked, and audit forms for errors and inconsistencies. Process/file personnel forms and papers. 3/27/89-9/6/89
Typist Clerk II
Louisiana Dept. of Social Services, Baton Rouge, Louisiana Duties: Used Wang computer to type legal briefs, regulations, contracts, and letters. Used IBM Wheelwriter typewriter to do letters, contracts, forms, and labels. Process, copy, and file forms. Receptionist.

Typist Clerk II
Louisiana Dept. of Health & Hospitals, Health Standards, Baton Rouge, LA
Duties: Used Wang to type regulations, manuals and deficiencies for state and HCFA plans of corrections. Process/ clear registration & licensing of day care centers. Issue new/renewal applications. Order fire and health approvals. Issue registration numbers, mail out, receive, and audit quarterly staffing reports from health care facilities. Prepare field surveyor packets.. Maintained and distributed mail; copy, file, and run errands. Receptionist.

DictaPhone Machine Operator (DMO) II
Louisiana DHHR, Support Enforcement Services Baton Rouge Regional Office, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Type from rough drafts letters and forms, transcribe from dictaphone equipment. Provide clerical support duties for caseload units and attorneys. Provide miscellaneous support functions such as making copies, filing, research index cards, deliver mail, and locate and retrieve case records. Receptionist.

Typist Clerk I
LA DHHR, Support Enforcement Services, State Office, Baton Rouge, LA
Use DMV, SS, DOL, and PPLS hookups and files to locate missing parents who owe child support. Process absent parent referrals. Process mail. Open and set up files. Total secretarial/clerical support for Support Enforcement Officer. Ran errands.

Typist Clerk III
LA Dept. of Education, Compliance/School Approval, Baton Rouge, LA
Type regulations, charts, maps, deficiencies, correspondence, and memos. Fill out forms. Use ADP. Set up field surveyor packets. Use Kodak 200 copier. Clear teacher certifications on computer. Receptionist. Assign Approvals, Probationals, and Unapproveds. Ran errands.

1982 and Before
Various odd jobs/temporary positions financially supporting my education at LSU. setstats